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After all my years flying electric I had several lipo battery packs that needs to be gotten rid of.  I didn’t want to simply drop them in my trash can and watch the trash truck bust into flames when it picked up my trash the next day.  LOL!!!


Several had puffed from sitting around for so many years not used and were bad and really needed to be disposed of, but I did not know where I could get rid of them.  Until today…


Vaughn Recycling on S School Street in Fayetteville.  On the way to the flying field for me.  They recycle ANY lithium, nicad, nimh or lead acid battery.  ANY and ALL.  I thought I had found a gold mine in that they would simply take my pack from me.  Even if I had to pay a small fee to properly dispose of it I thought so be it.


Not only did I not have to pay they paid me for the elemental lithium in them.  I gave them 3 10 cell 4500mah stick packs from my helicopter and a 3 cell 2250mah.  I received $6.03!  I thought it was a joke.


If you have old packs laying around of any kind and just have not got around to disposing of them Vaughn will PAY YOU FOR THEM AND PROPERLY DISPOSE OF THEM!  I thought everyone would like to know this.  Whether you fly electric aircraft or not you have these packs laying around if you model and don’t throw them int he trash recycle them the safe/right way and get paid at the same time at Vaughn Recycling Center.



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